Video of the tesla model 3 playing chess against the top ranked player of the u.s.

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Video of the tesla model 3 play chess against the top ranked player of the u.s.

tesla cars are getting smart enough to play with top ranked chess players in the world and it is very intresting that tesla focused on making an incridable chess game to attract people, U.S. no 1 ranked chess player Fabiano caruana [also No 2 in world level] 

fabiano beats tesla model three within 5 minutes of playing and he is not getting stressed while playing,he just played casually without any tension on his mind but some players will get stressed by thinking 

“what if i lost the game against a computer”
sabrino also running a commentary while playing, and the game on the tesla is not a super computer with high artificial intelligence, sabrino gave some credits to the game, he said this game is “challenging” which is good because it is more than enough for a car’s infotainment system to play chess with one of the best player in the world.


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